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Custom Web Design Process

Here is an overview of the two-step process through which we will complete customization of your website:

1. If necessary, we will contact you by phone or email within one week to collect information from you to help us understand your goals and to design an e-commerce website that matches your expectations:

A. The type of products you carry.

B. Domain name of your current website (if any).

C. Examples of websites you like (if any).

D. Examples of websites you don't like (if any).

E. Contact information you would like to post at your website.

2. We will present your customized website for your first review (of upto three reviews) within two weeks to seven weeks (depending upon which package is purchased) and would like you to:

A. Review website and advise changes you would like to see (if any).

B. Check all contact information posted at the website to make sure it is correct.

C. Confirm that the contact form submissions from the website indeed arrive at your email address.

D. Provide feedback, if any, to help us improve this process.

Please be advised that, unless instructed otherwise, we will attempt to customize your website design by using darker background colors to make it Eco-Friendly as well as Attractive and Search Engine Optimized.