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30 Seconds Custom Website Video Professional Production

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Product Description

Custom Professional Website Video - 30 Seconds Video

Buy an impressive thirty seconds video for your website with one of our professional models (male or female) that will bring your product or service to life and give it a tremendous boost of credibility! In our opinion and through experience, adding a live model to website webpage keeps visitor's attention 400% more than just a static web page. It will boost your sales, your website search engine ranking, and increase your ecommerce website profits for only this small one time investment of $449.

This 30 seconds video typically consists of 90 words that you will need to provide to us. We suggest that you make the script simple and direct - Highlighting what your business is about, what it offers, and why it is better than your competitors. During these 30 short seconds, your visitors will attentively listen to your message instead of wondering how to navigate your website looking for what you offer, and why it is better than the competition. This 30 sec. video will give your online store, the attention it deserves!

That 30 seconds script will be video-recorded by one of our professional and trustworthy models. It will be sent to you within six business days after receipt of your order. It will be sent as a download package with instructions for you to install the video easily on your own, and into any website. If you like, will can even install it in your current e-commerce website! After purchase, this thirty seconds video will become yours to keep and you will have 100% ownership rights to it - You will be given source video files and you can display this video containing video of our live video spokesperson, at one or more of your websites.

P.S.: Your website does not have to be created by us to buy and install this 30 second custom video purchase.