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Your SEO eCommerce Website Will Bring More Traffic And Sales From Organic Search Results

Search Engine Optimization (popularly known as SEO) is a very critical element of your E-Commerce website which will dictate success or failure of your eCommerce website.

It is common sense that even a million dollar website will not be seen by the bulk of its intended audience, if it does not appear high up in the search results. As any experienced e-commerce website merchant knows, ranking at the top of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN/Bing increases online marketshare tremendously and brings in a very large number of potential customers and sales to an ecommerce website without any cost. Therefore, we take this fact very seriously and are obsessed about keeping the coding behind our e-commerce websites very search engine friendly to help bring in free, highly qualified traffic, from major search engines like Google.

To that end, our web designs and coding has been fine-tuned with the help of well-known, industry leading, and highly qualified SEO experts to ensure best possible ranking for your ecommerce websiteIn addition to very important S.E.O. features that automatically create HTML URLs and meta tags based on the name of the respective product to improve ranking for those products, our ecommerce websites enable specification of alternate page titles and meta data for each product page, category page, or content web page. All web pages are xHTML based, W3C compliant, and you can specify custom text for images in the store. To help maintain page rank of your existing e-commerce website when you switch to our ecommerce website, custom 301 redirects can be set-up in bulk.

No more guessing which changes to your e-commerce website help or hurt sales. With built-in Google Website Optimizer support, those days are gone. It provides detailed reports about which combination of changes bring in most orders to make it easy for you to know which change helps and which one does not help sales. It is a free tool from Google and we make it easy for you to use it with your e-commerce website.

Draw more traffic with no-cost built-in SEO tools, for optimal rank in search engines. Attractive and user friendly search engine optimized web designs - Free!