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Mobile Commerce Enabled Electronic Commerce Website

Mobile Commerce is Huge and Growing Bigger! With cell phone penetration projected to reach 100% worldwide by 2013, mobile commerce (AKA mCommerce or M-Commerce) is also anticipated to reach levels never fathomed just a few years ago. With so many Internet enabled smart phones in the market including "Apple iPhone" as well as Apple's tablet PC called, "Apple iPad" - It is time for your E-Commerce business to claim your share of the growing online business marketshare with an eCommerce website that also performs as mCommerce website - Without any extra monthly cost tacked on, like some of our competitors charge.

Make it convenience for mobile buyers to buy from your eCommerce business with a mobile compatible commerce website (M-Commerce website) that automatically detects whether visitor is visiting using a desktop computer or a webkit-enabled wireless smartphone. If visitor is visiting via a smart phone such as Apple iPhone, Blackberry, HTC Android, Palm Pre, and others, they will be presented with a beautifully simple shopping experience that includes browsing, adding products to shopping cart, and completing the purchase securely using a variety of payment methods.

Just like most of us, your clients are probably always on the move themselves - Working, completing assignments, running errands, taking kids out for fun, hair cut, extracurricular activities, tuition classes, etc. Whether your potential customers are on a desktop computer or using a cellphone to shop for things they need, they expect to complete a quick and simple shopping transaction. Your two in one business website will offer them outstanding shopping experience whether they are using their desktop computer, small laptop, handheld tablet PC, or a wireless phone. Offer them comprehensive cell phone web browsing and buying opportunities similar to their home or office computer. Your M-Commerce website will load quickly, it will be readable, and all of the hyperlinks will work - Paving the way for increased sales from mobile shoppers

This is how it works: For example, your potential customer has an Apple iPhone with a built-in Internet browser called, Safari. When that potential customer searches on Google using Safari web browser, he finds your ecommerce website. He / she then clicks on the link to visit your website - The website automatically detects that the visitor has arrived using a certain mobile device and it re-directs the visitor to display the mobile version of your website for that certain mobile device. The visitor then notices that your website loads quickly, looks very attractive, and is easily readable despite viewing it from a mobile phone or mobile PC (Tablet PC). He / she sees your smaller logo which fits perfectly in the small smart phone screen (which you will have uploaded from your control panel) and sees that the mobile website shows a "search box" as well as a list of products below that can be added to the shopping cart. 

In this manner, mobile visitors can search for practically anything related to the theme of your mobile website and purchase it using the secure mobile checkout - Just like they would, if they were at their home or office computer. They can browse a list of products shown on your home page (featured products which you will have already chosen to show) with images beside them or search for products using keywords typed in the search box, and then add products into their online mobile shopping cart with one click and complete their purchase. Furthermore, mobile customers can perform many other non-critical functions on your mobile commerce website such as write product reviews at your website directly from their mobile interface or view their order history by logging into their account at your mobile website

The procedure for offering mobile version of your eCommerce website is seamless - There is no mobile application that needs to be installed and absolutely nothing that needs to be configured. Best of all, it is free - Because it is essentially a built-in feature of your website that extracts data from your main e-commerce website and publishes its mobile version unique to various wireless devices that it will detect in order to serve respective mobile website version when visitor arrives from that respective mobile gadget

What is your eCommerce business waiting for? Join the mobile revolution that is mobilizing over 5 billion people worldwide and this mobilization is transforming how we live, work, play, and of course, shop! Serve those billions that need to be served on mobile web. With all those competing websites that rank at the top but are not readable nor their links clickable from billions of mobile devices worldwide, your M-Commerce enabled E-Commerce website needs be out there to serve and reap the rewards. Open up the doors for more business wherever the need for your business exists, on traditional Internet - Or mobile Internet!