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Eco Friendly Web Designs That Rank As Well As They Look

No, we won't brag about how eco-friendly we are, nor advise you on how eco-friendly you need to be, in order to save the world. However, did you know that if all the websites had a black background (picture MS-DOS era for those of you that have worked with computers that only had a black background and white text or numbers all over it), we would save 50% of all energy currently being used in lighting up web pages with white background on billions of monitors worldwide. 

Why not bring that MS-DOS era back to the present all over again (atleast the black background part) and add colorful graphics and text we have now to convey our messages on our ecommerce websites, just as effectively? E-Commerce websites with Eco-Friendly web designs will rank just as well, or even better, thanks to our obsession with clean website coding that helps search engines parse our eco friendly e-commerce websites more easily and rank them better for the keywords that stand out within the text. 

Saving 50% energy, regardless of whether it is created from coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, etc. would make it worthwhile to make the switch because the messages all ecommerce websites convey can still be conveyed effectively by using colored graphics and text that stands out on a dark or black background (like you are reading now), so that the message comes across just as nicely and clearly. 

Secondly, e-commerce websites with white background radiate twice as much artificial light and no one knows for sure about how much the long term damage such artificial light (compared to natural sunlight) does to human eyes from constant radiation that most people endure daily for long periods of time. Why not cut that radiation in half for our ecommerce website visitors that will no doubt leave with a little less eye fatigue? 

Our dark eco-friendly custom web designs starting at $999 are very attractive as well as search engine friendly. All of our eco-friendly web designs are fully optimized by highly qualified SEO experts to ensure best possible ranking in Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing for your user-friendly and attractive e-commerce website. Join the ranks of successful e-commerce businesses that reduce their carbon footprint and care about their visitor's eyesight by choosing a custom eco-friendly e-commerce website

If we are concerned about global warming and climate change that threatens our very existence on this planet, we must do something about it. This is an opportunity for you to do something about it - Starting with your company's website. Referrals are welcome! Along with apparent energy savings to reduce environmental damage, wouldn't surfing the web be more pleasant to our eyes if all websites had a dark or black background, like this one?