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Attract More Customers To Your Website From Social Media and Product Comparison Search Engines

The hardest part of online business immediately after creating an e-commerce website, is trying to get enough shoppers through the virtual doors of your online storefront. With over 15 built-in Social Media, Ebay, and Product Comparison Search Engine Marketing Tools, you will have the powerful marketing tools needed to easily create a formidable online presence for your business, overnight!  

Targeted Marketing is a game changer: No need to wait for your new e-commerce website to rank better in search engines (which it will do fairly quickly too, thanks to our built-in SEO features). Quickly increase sales dramatically and grow your customer base rapidly by drawing huge number of targeted visitors that are looking for exactly what you sell by easily submitting your product listings to a large number of merchandise comparison search engines like Google Product Search and Pay-Per-Click product comparison websites such as Yahoo! Shopping, Bing Shopping, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, and many others where shoppers gather to search and compare products and prices before they decide to make their purchase. 

With our powerful targeted marketing features, advertise easily with PPC advertising at search engines such as Google through Google AdWords, Yahoo! through Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing / MSN through Microsoft AdCenter, etc. with one click ad campaign generation for every product in your ecommerce storeAttract more shoppers from places like Ebay, Facebook, etc. with over 15 built-in marketing tools. Easily push product listings to sales and auction giant Ebay, popular Facebook Shop plug-in, product comparison engines like Google Product Search (previously called, Froogle), BizRate, and others.

Social Media applications boost sales further at no extra cost - Merchants can export and sell their products through their Facebook fan pages with access to Facebook's over 500 million users. Add Ebay to your sales channel and you will have ability to list your products for sale or auction on Ebay and process Ebay orders directly from your eCommerce Website.

Over 600 million people buy and browse on Ebay annually. Ebay is so well known worldwide that practically almost everyone that has, or is able to buy products online, is aware of its existence because it is the largest marketplace of online world. However, if one wishes to sell products on eBay as well as their online store, one normally has to maintain two distinct sales channels - Ebay and an online store or ecommerce website. This dual and separate sales channel maintenance can pose problems that include inventory record maintenance problems which lead to inaccurate inventory numbers, orders that slip through the crack and get lost, and worst of all - Inexperienced eBay customers can get very confused about which of the two sales channels to use to pay for their order to get their order processed or whom to contact regarding a problem - Merchant or eBay?

That problem is no longer a problem with your built-in multiple sales channel ecommerce website. It helps you to merchandise your products effectively using only one medium, your ecommerce website, to get products listed at Ebay within easy reach of their 600 million browsers without posing any inventory or checkout problems as discussed above. How does it work so flawlessly? E-commerce website already has a built-in API (application programming interface) feature that makes it easy to sell unlimited number of products through eBay, with just a few clicks! Application programming interface (API is its popularly known abbreviated version) interacts with Ebay's software after it receives authorization to access eBay account to enable performance of processes such as selling on eBay or processing eBay orders directly through e-commerce website instead of separately performing those functions by logging into the eBay account. This helps e-commerce website software maintain correct inventory and sales by deducting inventory as it sells on eBay as well as e-commerce website and by keeping track of all sales that occur both on eBay as well as e-commerce website. With added convenience of choosing products to be listed on eBay and exporting them, listing products for sale on eBay is easy - Here are the actual steps:

Specify eBay account settings in e-commerce website so that it uses API to list items on eBay directly from control panel of ecommerce website. Then create one or more eBay listing templates which will enable specification of options such as selling and shipping methods, accepted payment methods, and whether products are to be sold as auction or "buy it now". Then simply choose which products are to be listed for sale or auction on eBay by choosing, "List Products on eBay" menu option. Then choose a listing template from among ebay templates created earlier and specify whether eBay listings must go live right away, or at a future date and time. E-commerce website will then calculate the listing fees by interacting with eBay software using API. Thereafter, if all is acceptable, clicking "List on eBay" link will begin the listing process on eBay. If listings total hundreds or thousands, the web browser can be closed without interrupting the listing process - An email will be sent when the listing process has completed. Live eBay listings are visible from e-commerce website's control panel. As soon as an auction or "buy it now" listing ends, an order is automatically created in the ecommerce website! Furthermore, it is very easy to identify which orders originated from eBay and which ones originated within e-commerce website (via comparison search engines, PPC advertising, organic search results, etc). Online retailing via multiple channels including auction powerhouse eBay, is the fastest and easiest way to reach millions of potential new customers!

In addition to easy export of product listings to Ebay, product listings can easily be exported to many pay per click comparison search engines including Shopping.com, BizRate / Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber to drive lots of targeted customers looking for exactly the same products that you carry at your e-commerce website. Such product comparison websites collectively attract millions of visitors looking to buy specific products who end up buying millions of dollars worth of products from merchants that list their products at these product comparison sites. Just like listing online store products at eBay, listing them at one or all of these highly trafficked product comparison web sites is extremely easy! These product centric shopping search engines charge a set amount that you designate only when someone clicks on your product listing which happens usually after they have compared the prices and read features of the product at the shopping comparison website. This considerably increases the likelihood of a purchase in comparison to a visitor that clicks on your product listing search result without seeing its image nor learning more about the product nor your sale price in comparison to other merchants that may be selling exactly the same item. Therefore, although these is a cost associated with each visitor arriving from such PPC product comparison website, the high rate of conversions (higher sales in comparison to number of visitors) may easily offset such PPC advertising expenses. 

Exporting one, more, or all product listings in the online store over to comparison search engines is very easy: Simply enable the product comparison sites you wish to export your product listings to, and then associate listings to respective category (individually or in bulk) at those respective product shopping websites. This step helps to categorize your products into appropriate categories at shopping web sites to increase ranking and click through rates. Then click button beside each respective comparison search engine to download respective product listing feed file. Then upload respective file containing product listing details at respective comparison search engine to make your product listings go live at those product comparison websites to drive targeted traffic back to your e-commerce website.

Now you can reach Facebook's almost half a billion active users by giving access to your products with a "Shop" button on your fan page at Facebook! That "shop" button enables your potential clients to view your featured products and click on any of them to buy it directly from your e-commerce website. Take advantage of social media in this manner by literally taking your eCommerce website where your Facebook fans and other active Facebook application users can figuratively see it and even share your products through Facebook news stream. In this manner, turn social media as we know it into an alternate sales channel for your business by converting social media into social commerce for your e-business.

It is easy to turn social media such as Facebook into social e-commerce for your ebusiness: First, create your fan page in your facebook account using simple instructions provided at Facebook.com. Then customize the page with your logo and then add social ecommerce application by searching and clicking Facebook shop application link. Then click on the "add link to my page" shown on the left and simply choose a page where you would like your Facebook shop application to appear. Configuring e-commerce website Facebook shop application at Facebook is easy! Simply visit your fan page at Facebook and add the "shop" button inside the navigation menu by clicking on the plus symbol. Then type your e-commerce online store link and choose the best products you have in order to showcase them at your Facebook fan page. Clicking "Save" makes it all go live so that all visitors on your Facebook fan page can click on "shop" button to see all your best selling items. When they click on any item name or image, it will lead them to your ecommerce website where they can read more about it and buy it from your ecommerce website. Furthermore, if they are impressed with usefulness of your product(s), they can easily share your product(s) by posting them on their Facebook wall with an easy click on the "share" button.

Today's businesses need to participate in multi-channel retailing and targeted marketing in this manner to get a fair amount of marketshare and be successful online - We make it easy with all the necessary self-explanatory applications, already built-in!