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Ecommerce Website Carousel Customization Instructions

How can I customize the carousel on my homepage?

Carousels are very popular and they promote products very effectively on ecommerce websites. Building carousels has never been easier at EcommerceWebsite.com. Carousels let you display beautiful product imagery in order to improve the look of an online store and promote products and services. The new carousel builder makes it easy to create a series of large banners that play as a slideshow on the home page of an e-commerce website. And it is easy to create them - It is all point and click: No coding required!

Using the Carousel Builder

Creating a carousel for e-commerce website is as easy as creating slides. Upload upto five images of your own for the five slides and then customize each of their titles, descriptions, and buttons. A custom font color and link destination can also be selected by choice, and even the speed at which the slides rotate can be set as appropriate.

1. Go to Design.

2. Click on the Carousel and Social Media tab.

Carousel Customization Options

Upload any 980 pixels wide x 450 pixels high image: You can have up to five images. Ideally, photos that show off products in great clarity and bright colors make a very attractive carousel. In addition, it would be best if the left-hand area has some blank room to allow for the heading, text and button so that it becomes easy to read while viewing the product picture on the right side.

A good background typically is low in detail, enabling the text to stand out - The color of the text can easily be customized easily to work on any color dark or light background. Heading: Try and keep your headline down to two to three word title. Text: Get your message across with as few words as possible - We recommend 150 characters or less. Button Text: This should be written as a call to action - The words that persuade a shopper to click for more detail! Use enticing, action-oriented words that indicate value to consumers.

The key rule is to ensure that when the shopper clicks-through, they see exactly what they expect. This increases conversions (the percentage of visitors that become customers). Avoid linking to pages that have ambiguous connections to your call to action. Link: You can easily link to other parts of your ecommerce website like products or categories by clicking on, "Browse". You can also link off to another website altogether. If you choose to link off-site, make sure to have a strategy to attract shoppers back to your site(!)

Colors of Heading, Text, Button are easy to customize. Each of these has a color palette so you can pick a color that perfectly matches the look of your site. Settings - Swap Every [ ] secs: Set the speed at which your carousel auto rotates through the slides you have set up. Slide Order: At the bottom of the carousel builder, you will see thumbnails of all your slides. You can drag them around to re-order. Preview: This button opens up a lightbox to preview your changes. Choose "Save" if satisfactory. To save, go to the bottom right corner to save and update your storefront's custom carousel.